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I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I've been trying to set up voicemail on an Android (Google Pixel 6 Pro) phone but nothing seems to work.


It's the second line on this account, and it has the "Mini voicemail" add-on. 


I tried several different numbers in Phone>Settings>Voicemail>Advanced Settings>Setup>Voicemail Number, including both "regular voicemail" numbers from this post:


In Phone>Settings>Voicemail>Advanced Settings>Service, Ive selected the only option: "Your Carrier."


Holding 1/Calling the voicemail line prompts me the enter the number followed by the # symbol. When I do this, it responds: "Sorry, that number isn't valid."


I was never prompted to set an access code, although I can set one through the fido "My Account" app.


Calling the voicemail number on the first line in this account works normally (it asks for an access code).


I spent a few hours waiting on the relevant customer service support line but didn't get any help.


Any solutions?



Hello @beckyzb,


Try this number and see if it works +15877370210.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Unfortunately it doesn't 

Hello again @beckyzb,


You might have to contact customer service and they can look into your account, it is possible something could be wrong with your voicemail. If they are unable to see any problems I would suggest you ask them to remove it and add it back then power cycle your phone and see if you are able to access and set it up by dialing 1.