Voicemail Prepaid (Fido keeps disappointing old consumers)

I'm a Participant Level 3 Gretzky
I'm a Participant Level 3

Voicemail Prepaid (Fido keeps disappointing old consumers)

Hi, I'm on a monthly plan, but today i spent 2hours and a half trying to activate a prepaid SIM card for a family member visiting for a few weeks. Did all the steps on my Android M phone on Chrome, but at the confirmation, there was no option to continue, tried to contact phone support to no avail (37-50mins of wait time, choose to be called back, but still had to wait 4mins after being called). Went to computer (Chrome, Safari, Firefox), to have, after 8 attempts (each time losing the choosen number), a confirmation the phone number was set (it still wasnt showing "Not registered" on the phone). Then, close to an hour later, i received my callback to a rude agent (male) who wasted no time to lemme know I was at the wrong department, but forwarded me to prepaid dept, to another rude agent (female) who was of no help as the service was finally working. BUT! Tried to activate the voicemail on the prepaid account (VM included), but it keeps rejecting the phone number of the sim card. Tried to enter my monthly phone number, and it accepted it. What is happening? How come the newly activated number with SIM card cannot contact its own voicemail, but accept MY phone number? How come dialing 611 on the prepaid number I can NO LONGER talk to a "real person" to have it solved? How come I can no longer create a MyFido account without email and an arm long list of informations? A prepaid is usually as easy to use as a disposable account, for people wanting to speed up thinks. It's all the contrary over there,... What is happening to Fido?

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Re: Voicemail Prepaid (Fido keeps disappointing old consumers)

Hey @Gretzky 

I saw your other post. And I'm sorry to see that you had that experience.

I would be happy to help you here on the Community with your voicemail.


I'm sending you a PM now to get this looked into.


Talk to you soon:)

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