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Very upset with Fido Back Operations Process

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Good evening, 


I am not sure if anyone experienced the same issue as I did. I will try to keep my story short and succinct.

Like everyone else, I jumped onto the Black Friday/Cyber Monday boat, and ordered a phone (S21 SE 5G in my case), and went for the $65/month 50GB talk text data with $20 off for 24 months. I put in the web order on November 26th.  I received an email that thanked me for my Fido order, and that they are processing, and I am to wait for the 'Ready For Pickup' email. 


Fast forward to December 3, I am still waiting for my pick up email. I assumed that it was because of a very busy Black Friday/Cyber Monday, so I was willinig to wait a little. But instead of a pick up email, I received an email from Viraj D. from Back Office Operations telling me my order has been cancelled because pick up window has expired. 


I really only had time to go to the Fido store on December 6. And after spending 5 hours in total on December 6, I had to return the phone that I picked up (on recommendation from the store associate) at the end of the day.


The recommendation was to pick up the phone based on the December 6th price, and then call in to Fido customer service to get them to honour my web order.


I had no luck. After waiting for over an hour and 15 mins to speak to a customer associate, all she was able to tell me was that my order was cancelled, and they cannot honour the order. So I had to go back to the store to return the phone. 


At this point, I am considering writing in to the Office of CEO, and include screenshots from my email inbox to show that I never received the pick up email. I have even saved a copy of the web order with all that was ordered.


Hoping that I can hear from others who may have had a similar experience. I still do like Fido as a service provider. I just don't have much confidence in their back office operations anymore. Whoever designed the process obviously did not have the end cusotmer/user in mind during the design process. The entire process is disjointed, and I had to repeat my predicament at every single contact. It is exhausting. 


It almost feels like the process is designed to exhaust the end user, and have the end user just accept whatever is given. 




I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Read through the forum posts of Fido customers that experienced the same issue as I did.


Below are the list of Fido users that had cancelled Express Pickup orders, and had never received any pick up email: 

  • Shoctopus019 
  • Nimrif 
  • NT8 (friend who was referred by NT8)
  • Lchatz1970
  • Dreamminute
  • Kasemsit
  • TravelMusing


Hi there @TravelMusing


Please contact us on these channels and we'll be happy to look into it

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Hi, @FidoStephane 


Who am I supposed to contact?


I have already returned the phone on December 6th. And had to use chat support today to have the Fido payment plan resolved.


But I am willing to get the phone again, and then contact Fido to have Fido honour the Black Friday offer.  But I would want a case or reference number that I can include so there is a proper trail that shows that I am working with Fido to resolve this issue. 


I had a good customer service representative experience today with Samantha via Fido chat support, so I am willing to give this another try.