Using a new plan?

Using a new plan?

Using a new plan?

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Using a new plan?

Hi Fido!

I changed my plan to a new plan with more data, while I’ve been charged for new activation fees, and new price, My plan still is showing my old plan with the same services.


I talked on the phone with some costumer service representatives, and they told me they made a mistake, and they cannot give me the new deal that they promised, and they cannot put me back on the plan that I had before. 

Basically you are telling me to pay more for the same services that I had before plus new activation fees.., because you made a mistake!

 Somebody suppose to call me and resolve the problem, nobody call yet!

The fair solution is either you respect and accept the deal you offered and  we agreed upon, ior return my old deal, and remove extra charges. It is not acceptable, that you charge me for new plan and give me the same old plan,  and call that mistake.  This doesn’t sound ok with me and I’m not happy, until you resolve this problem. 

Thank you!

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this is why it is better to get your mobile "sim free" non contract purchsed outright. in the long term it is better control of your monthy plan and you can port away your number at anytime. 


Hey @Nouri1


Welcome to the Community!


I am sorry to see that your recent experience wasn't a positive one, but I am sure we'll make it right together :).


I would like to clarify that there is no fee for a price plan change if you were not an agreement. I would also like some details regarding the fee you've mentioned as there are few possibilities.


•  An early cancellation fee would only be billed if you were on an agreement and lowered your tab.


•  The $30 fee is only applicable for a new activation or a device upgrade. If you did any of these, the fee would then be valid.


Can you please clarify if it's a new activation or a hardware upgrade on an existing line?


To give you an idea:


1. If you did a hardware upgrade, it's possible a price plan change was required as some old plans do not qualify for a subsidized device. If you did not agree to the change, we'll be happy to look into it with you.


2. If it's a new activation, you'd need a new in market plan. A new line cannot be activated on any other plan than the ones we currently offer on


It's possible a mistake was made and if that's the case, we'll sort this out.


Let me know!