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Useless Customer Service Personnel who don't know what they are doing

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

I have a Fido account and wanted to add a new line. There was a really good promotion of $168 credit + 2GB extra data for both lines + $8 off per month for 12 months. Chatted with Live agents on Feb 3 and 4. Feb 3 agent confirmed the deal and asked me if I wanted to go ahead with porting my number to Fido for the second line. I wanted to think more so declined. Contacted Live Chat again on Feb 4 and was told that they can't help me as there is a note on my file that I have to call customer service. Weird. He gave me number for Rogers to contact. When I told him this number belongs to Rogers not Fido then he gave me a diferent number to call Fido.

I would have activated the new line and phone online but Fido website doesn't give me that option. You can only add a line online if your are bringing your own device. I wanted to get Pixel 3aXL for the new line. As per Fido website, If you want a new phone then you have to call them. I called Customer Service on Feb 4 and Spoke to an agent who confirmed the same deal and asked me if I wanted to go ahead with a credit check. I confirmed that I wanted to port my number and agreed to the credit check. After the credit check I reminded the agent to make sure I do get $168 bill credit. He said that is only possible if I order phone online. Not through the phone. I told him that the website is not giving me that option so he said I will have to go to select Fido store to get that deal. He asked me what city I was in and gave me a location. I told him that I would go there the next day and get that deal. Again it was confirmed that the medium plan will come with google pixel 3aXL and  $168 bill credit, $8 per month reduction in my monthly rate and extra 2 GB of data for BOTH lines.


The next day I went to the closest location and Lo and Behold the promotion has expired. The Customer Service agent NEVER told me that Feb 4 was the last day for the promotional rate. I would have gone there right away if he did.


I call Customer Service immediately and was on hold for almost 2 hours, YES 2 HOURS for the agent to come back on the phone and tell me that there is nothing they can do. Even though it was a mistake from their agent and he DID make notes on my file what he had discussed and what he had advised me to do, they won't honor the deal as there is no indication that I agreed to the deal. LIKE SERIOUSLY 

I agreed to a credit check which means I agreed to accepting the deal. 

I need someone to contact me right away and honor what was being offered to me on Feb 4. If Fido can not hire competent agents it's not my problem. I should have been told by all three people I communicated with on Feb 3 and 4 about the end date of promotion.

Now If I go for the same plan, I will be paying over $1000 more over two years and both lines won't get extra 2GB data , only the new line will.

I am extremely disappointed in Fido as a company.

the website has become garbage as well. It kept on crashing on Feb 3, and there is no way I can get any contact email or phone number to file a complain. There is no contact info for the office of the president either.  



Hey @AmberFarhat,


Welcome to our Community!


I'm truly sorry to read about your experience and I definitely understand your deception with not being able to get the same promo that was discussed. It's important to note that our promotions, offers and services are subject to change at any time and without notice, therefore it's always best to try to take advantage of an offer as soon as possible. 


I'll send you a PM to go over the account with you and revise the available options. For any account related inquiries, you can contact us through one of those channels in the future. Talk soon!


@testsingdfg If you'd like to revise your options as well, we'd be happy to! You can contact us through one of the channels above or we can send you a PM here, let us know.



I'm a Participant Level 3
I'm a Participant Level 3

Same thing happened to me. Can't believe they did not give any sort of warning so we could act fast.

Waiting overnight will cost me 300-500$ extra, that's totally ridiculous.