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No data connection

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

The data connection on my device is not working from morning. I have reset my network settings many times. Still not working.



Hey @Bahad13,


Welcome to our Community!


Have you made any changes to your account recently? Are you able to use your other services (calls, texts) and do you have signal bars on your device?


If no changes were made and your other services work, it's important to note that if your plan comes with Data Overage Protection and you used all the data allotted in the plan, your data would've been paused. You would've received a text notification and also would've been prompted to purchase a Data Option if you wanted to un-pause your data.


Another explanation could be that your data was suspended becasue of a past due amount on your account. Rather than fully interrupting your service, we would have limited your data usage and you would still have access to make calls and text messaging. A notification of your outstanding balance and the impact it has on your account status would have been sent.


You can check your account balance through your online account and you can contact Credit Operations for a payment arrangement here if needed. 


Hope this helps!