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Used phone number

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi, so I recently purchased my sim from fido but the problem is either the number was used and now I am the owner to this number or the number is still in use and we both are using same number, the latter seems not possible so I am assuming that the number I got was an old used one so I kept receiving messages and calls on whatsapp and in general. I am so frustated as I have already verify this number in my bank account, jobs and almost everywhere needed. So what can I do now? What is the problem here and solution?


Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello Pratima_kc,


  Welcome to the community!


  The number of phone numbers is finite. From time to time, new overlays are created to expand the existing number allocation. However, with the number of users ever increasing, even those overlays fill are quickly exhausted. The practice of recycling numbers is commonplace and necessary. Generally, there is a minimum period where those cancelled phone numbers are not in circulation (see here). So the number you received from Fido wouldn't have been active like you suggest. It's also not possible to have the phone number active on two accounts. Unfortunately, if the previous owner did not inform their contacts of the number change, there will be straggle callers. It doesn't mean the phone number was still active. Many people would just inform callers that the previous owner is no longer using that phone number.


  With regards to WhatsApp, the previous owner of the phone number does not have any access to the WhatsApp account you activate with your new phone number. Your conversations and other WhatsApp data are secure (see here). If you are receiving someone else's messages on WhatsApp, you might consider reaching out to WhatsApp and informing them that you are the current owner of that phone number.


  Hope this helps 😀