Upset Re: Brightstar

Upset Re: Brightstar

Upset Re: Brightstar

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Upset Re: Brightstar

Do yourself a favour and do not use Premium Device Protection

Had to call 4 Times over two weeks just to get them to email me the shipping label so I could send them my phone. 4 TIMES, each time takes about 25 minutes.

Also when i enter my phone number in the atuomated system why do i need to tell each new person I talk to on the phone my phone number again!?

Once I FINALLY got my shipping label they quoted me 3-5 business days, they also quoted the service would be free to repair my phone.

5 Business days later I call to check on the status of my repair. I'm told that I need to pay $105 for them to START the repair. Conisdering at this point they are basically holding my phone hostage I have to say yes. It will now be ANOTHER 3-5 business days to receive my phone.

Brightstar did not contact me to tell me anything about this, if I had not called on my own accord who knows how long they would have held my phone for without telling me anything. No loaner phone given or offered at anypoint either BTW.

I will be unsubscribing to this AWFUL company the moment I receive my phone back.

Don't do it, do not under any circumstances use this company. I would rather buy a brand new phone out of pocket than use this company ever again.


Hey @Reinders67, welcome to the Fido Community Smiley


We're sad to hear your experience wasn't a positive one; Premium Device Protection is there to help customers when their phone needs fixing or replacing and the experience should be hassle-free!


Have you shared this feedback with Brightstar by any chance? I'm certain they want the best for their customers and I do suggest letting them know what happened so they can look into it!


Also, have you now received your phone back?