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Upgrading service charge

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi there, 


Today I was on chat with your team for one and a half hour and didn't come to any solution. Just imagine how frustrated it could be for a client who has been loyal to you for 10 years and added one more family number to Fido to provide more business. I hope you could be more leneant to your clients. It should be resolved on the basis of customer's history . We have two phone numbers running with fido and I hbw never been in default for paying my bills on time. But sometimes anyone can do mistakes unknowingly. All what I asked for the waiver of I International call charges of around 20$ on my phone , which my daughter wan not aware of that facility. I thought at least in 10 years we have build up that relationship where I could make you a request. Instead all what I got is those memorised sentences without even looking into the situation. Next thing , when you upgrade your plan you need to pay 40$ for upgradation . But if we buy directly from Fido online we don't need to pay. But my question to Fido is that so you really keep all colours or memory type phone in your online store? Then what exactly is that. Isn't it a trap to pay you 40$ more on top of paying extra dollars in your monthly bills when you change the plan. You should be happy we are upgrading and paying you more, instead you asked for service charge. This is soooo disappointing. Please do not reply to this if you have no genuine answer for my questions. I dont want to hear we love helping  you but we can't . And truth is that you can. Who in this world don't do mistakes? Is $20 is such a big amount for such a big company . This extra charges I got, will not make me poor either if I pay you. But only reason I started al

this because I genuinely thought you care about relationships and don't want to lose your precious clients. I wasted my one a half our on the chat and all what they had to offer is US free calling. I have no need to call to US. Give me some practical solution which could help us both. Thanking you for taking your time to rad this. Have a good day! 


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey there @Rubina1, welcome to the community!


First of all I would like to thank you for your loyalty as it means a lot to us. 


We definitely understand that this might have been a simple mistake, we understand that. Is there anything that might have made you think that your plan included free long distance calls. 


In order for this to not happen again we recommend that you add something we call premium calling rate which reduces your call rates by a lot (calls to the US are as little as 1 cent per minute!), there is also something called a value pack which includes visual voicemail!


Let us know if you are interested in theses options!