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Upgrade phone with existing plan

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

Hi, Because of the ongoing holideal of $200 bill credit I'm trying to upgrade my phone with my existing plan online. But when I chose "keep existing" plan it shows that text is not included, does this mean I wont have texting service if I go with the upgrade? On my current device I have unlimited international texting though.text.PNG



Hello @Romesh,


That's definitely an glitch on the Fido website, you can go ahead and process the upgrade and everything you had will stay the same. 


It showed the same thing when I tried it on my account but I can confirm that everything displays correctly when checking out.


@FidoSaad I think you are confusing this promotion with the Black-Friday promotion, the credit for that promotion was only if you take an in-market-plan. 


This promotion does not specify that and the credit does apply when you do an upgrade while keeping your existing plan.

Thanks for the heads up @KAPABLE-K,


To clarify, both the Black Friday and the Boxing week offer are similar, and have the same requirements for the price plan. The promotions apply when completing a new activation or a hardware upgrade on an in-market price plan.


I've also edited my reply to clarify the distinction. In-market price plans are plans that are offered on (new and old ones). You can keep the same price plan and redeem this offer as long as you have one of these plans. This means, that loyalty price plans or other targeted plan offers are excluded as these are already discounted.


Hey @Romesh


Welcome to the Community Smiley


The $200 bill credit offer on is only compatible with in-market plans, plans you see on In-market price plans are plans that are offered on (new and old ones).


Have you also had the chance to reach out to us to have this resolved? You can do so here.


Let us know how it goes.