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Unsatisfied with winback offer implementation

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

I have been very frustrated with Fido the past month, but more so the past week. I have contact Fido via telephone and live chat and still have not had my issues resolved. I am hoping someone here can provide resolution. I was contacted by Fido's Winback department August 26, 2019 and offered a deal which I accepted on August 27. The following are the issues I've been having


1) Fido mailed me a phone when I accepted the offer, which I received September 5 and activated September 6. However, it was shown that my activation actually started August 27th when I accepted, so I was being charged for service for two weeks that I wasn't using it.


2) My plan is supposed to include 6 GB. My account only shows 4 GB, although representatives assure me I have 4 GB. I'm not sure if this is just a glitch with Fido's system, but it is not a big deal just a minor annoyance.


3) My actual contract agreement differs from what I was promised. And I only found out about this September 26th as the charges only showed up on that day. The charge for the phone and for a SIM card showed up on September 26th, but not prior. And I had actually been checking my account multiple times as I wanted to see if the 4 GB data issue would fix itself.


On my bill it shows a charge for $150 for a SIM card, which I was not advised of. The customer reps I've been speaking to said they would remove it, so no big deal I guess, but it still hasn't been removed.


Then my bill says the HUP for my phone costs $350 when I was told it would be $150. CSRs then explain the offer that I have, which I understand, but it is not the offer I was advised of. If a CSR reads my notes, they will know what I am talking about




I have lost more time than this deal was worth. Had I known this would happen I would not have accepted. I would appreciate this being resolved ASAP.


I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Fido is so unpredictable I've heard many stories from friends and family who have recommended me to try bell or virgin,

after making the move and porting out I recieved  an email saying

Hi  📞 a Fido Ambassador will be reaching out soon, lets get back together it just isnt the same without you,

A Fido Ambassador will call you in the next few days.We’ll reach out to you with a special, exclusive offer that we can only tell you about on this call. We hope this conversation can help make things right. 
Pick up when you see Fido on your call display. We look forward to speaking with you. 
Been almost a month and no call, I heard its all a marketing scheme to get you to call back after waiting a few days and then they can basically tell you they will give you the same plan back cause there no offers out there.

If there was a really a special offer they would have included it in the email but then that would be like a contract that they would have to honour.

Hello @Eddie910,


I'm sad to hear you decided to leave us. Rest assured, the winback department always reaches out when they let you know they will. 


Is it possible that you missed their call? Did you call us to see what happened?


I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Another thing, I am supposed to receive a monthly $10 for 24 months, which did not appear on my last bill.


The other thing that is irritating which I mentioned previously is that these charges that are dated Aug 27, 28 and 30, were not available for me to view until September 25th, which is outside the 14 day return policy.

Hello @richardwong


The experience you've been having with us is clearly not the one we intend for our customers to have or that we aim for! 


We'll try to address your concerns in order. We do invite you to contact customer service to make sure everything is correct and as it was  agreed upon on the phone however. 


1) It's usually the case that the billing cycle starts when the phone is sent and not when you receive it. 


2) About the app, did your data tracker update since your last billing cycle? On your detailed invoice, do you see the amount of data in your plan and potential bonus? Does it add up to 4GB or 6GB. 


3) Have you received credits that pays for those charges or adjust the charges to what were agreed upon with the representative. 


You can also reach out on Facebook or Twitter in private messages at your convenience and we will review the details of your account for you. Alternatively, we can send you a PM on the Community. 


Please let us know and we will get to the bottom of this for you.  

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Hi @FidoFrancois,


Thank you for responding to my thread. I contacted Fido September 27 and was told I would receive a response within 48 hours. I then contacted Fido on both Oct 2 and Oct and was told to wait for the person to get back to me with no resolution. So I appreciate you getting back to me here.


1) This sounds preposterous to charge a customer for service while the phone is in transit and they are unable to use it.


2) On my bill it shows 2 GB + two 2 GB addons. It just isn't reflected in my data tracker and I am not sure if Fido would end up charging me for if I went over 4 GB.


3) No I have not.


Please PM me here

We'll be sending you a PM shortly to review your account with you. 


Please keep an eye on your PM inbox. 



I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Thank you @FidoFrancois and @FidoClaudia for resolving the issues I've had, all within 24 hours. I appreciate your help in this matter and consider this resolved.