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Unpleasant service experience with FIDO

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

I have been using Fido for over 5 years. I have had really bad service experiences (provided improper information, and agents kept lying to me). These made me feel not only disappointed and upset.


So, I decided to move to Bell and got a pretty good deal from Bell. The process was really simple and fast. After this, many different Fido reps from the special department kept trying to reach out to make me transfer back to Fido by providing a good plan. Since they kept telling me that "I am really sorry for providing bad services from the previous reps, but I am not like such reps. Although the previous reps lied to you, I am not like that kind of the reps. So, give Fido one more chance by transferring back to Fido".
I tried to give them one more chance by moving back to Fido. During the process, I asked more than 5 times "Is there anything else I need to do other than just waiting for the sim card?" The rep kept telling me, "There is nothing you have to do, and you will just receive two emails soon."


However, I did not receive any email, so I contacted Fido AGAIN and found out that the order was not completed because I had to validate myself just in case of fraud. Weirdly, I always have to reach out to Fido to find the problem and fix it, and they never contact me first. So then, I spent another hour finding out why the order did not process and validating myself. Again, I was told that I would get 2 emails soon.


However, AGAIN, I did not receive anything from FIDO. I was sure there is a problem with the order and ended up talking with 3 different reps. This was a nightmare. The first rep was really bad and misbehaved. She found that the rep from the special department made a mistake, so the order could not be processed. But, since they are from different departments, she just told me there was nothing she could do and hung up the phone LOL.
The second rep could not fix this problem, but fortunately, he transferred to one of the sales team rep. I told the third rep that I do not want to waste any more time by explaining my problem over and over because time is worth more than money. The funny thing was that the third rep told me the benefit of the plan I am going to get would be worth more than what I am losing. Well, it is really nice to get a cheaper plan, but I do not want to waste my time and money. After talking with them for over 2 hours, I ended up waiting for the phone call from the rep from the special department.


So, I am still waiting for the phone call from Fido, and it is an ongoing problem.  I really wish anyone concerned about the customer's feelings and Fido's reputation could read this email. You should reach out to the customer whenever the customer gets a problem from Fido. Also, the customer service reps should not just say "Sorry, there is nothing I can do" to customers and hang up the phone. They should try to find out a way to fix it. Otherwise, the customers will leave. Finally, whenever reps make a mistake/problem, they should compensate the customers instead of saying to the customers, "SORRY FOR THE BAD SERVICE PROVIDED BY THE PREVIOUS REP."



Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey there @leesw0212


Sorry to hear about your recent experience, we can assure you that this is not the type or service we'd want to provide.


When activating a service or completing a phone order, some verifications are required. If there's a need to speak with our validation team before confirming the order, this should be mentioned to you. Once that step is cleared, we would be able to submit the order and avoid any back and forth.


Just to confirm, have you had the chance to speak with our winback team since then, and did they contact you to resubmit the order?


If not, please reach out to us using these methods so we can follow up on the situation. As winback is an outbound team (they do not receive incoming calls), a Fido agent will submit a request to have them contact you as quickly as possible.

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Your winback team never reached out to me.

Just for your information, I have reached out to you guys by using these methods

Chat: Then ended up telling me to call Fido customer service to fix this problem

Call: Since the Winback team is from a different department, the only thing they can do is fill out the form to escalate the winback team to call me back.


Two Fido agents already filled out the forms to escalate the winback team to call me back, but I have not received calls yet.