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Unpleasant Customer Service

I'm a visitor
I'm a visitor

On October 15, 2020 at around 3:00pm PDT, my mom and I stopped in the Fido store at Landsdown Mall in Richmond, BC. We are both long-time Fido customers. I wanted to talk to someone about getting a new phone and maybe a new plan. My mom wanted to talk to someone about her phone issues.

First impression of the store, dark and depressing. The store was bare and a bit unorganized. There were two reps sitting behind the counter, a male and a female, both were on their phones.

They greeted us when we walked in. Their greeting lacked enthusiasm. I walked up to the female rep and she gave me this bored glare. Her tone was flat and annoyed (perhaps I disturbed her “phone time”?) She only gave short answers to the questions I asked. She was unwilling to go an inch further. After a handful of questions, I had enough. She was making me uncomfortable and there was no point to continue to speak with her. She was just not there mentally. I said I would call the 1-800 customer service line instead.

I went over to check on my mom. She has been speaking to the male rep. He sounded agitated and impatient. He quickly flipped through a few things on my mom’s phone and told her this and that. My mom is not tech-savvy at all. Instead of patiently and politely explained things to her, he quickly concluded that there’s nothing he could do. Not please with how he treated my mom, I told my mom I would look into it for her instead and we left.

These two reps were not completely rude, but they were definitely not being polite or helpful. They looked like they were there just for the paycheck instead of providing help to customers. Very disappointed.


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey there @JVW, I would like to take a look at this with you.


I will be sending you a PM, talk soon!