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Unnecessary Payment

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hello there

Respected Mr/Ms 

I m a student just arrived canada 1 month ago and I was told to get a Fido sim card , so I did buy one but the plan I getting was only 15 GB data for 55 dollars with additional activation charges of 50 dollars and other taxes . My total bill was 122 CAD . But I changed by sim card after 10 days of using Fido sim and only 1 Gb data is all I have used because the service was not got and speed was too slow and the plan I was getting was irrelevant as compared to others making me think and stressed that I have been misguided.

As a new student in Canada I do not know most of the things and now I checked my account it is showing me additional charges of 80 CAD which is also an unnecessary payments because I left Fido several weeks ago but still got a bill of 80 CAD this month.

Kindly fix this issues sir 

I would be happy to pay for the data I have used but not these unnecessary payments.

Also I was not told that there would be transfer charges if I port my number. Why you do not tell these things before like other companies provide free of cost transferring charges.

Why this problem for me only Fido ??? 

Kindly fix this issue as soon as possible Respected Mr / Ms 





#unnecessary #misleading 



Hello @Nothing6,


Thank you for the details you've provided.


As @anonymous User suggested, you can reach out to us through customer care channels for any account-related assistance. The community is a peer-to-peer help forum.


That said, you can download your PDF invoice to see what the exact charges are. Normally, the first invoice also includes a one-time installation fee of $50 as you mentioned as well.


If you mean that you have canceled your Fido services by changing the sim card, rest assured that you will only be charged for the days the service was active. You will see a prorated credit refund on your next and final invoice. You'll simply have to wait for it to be published.

Hi @Nothing6 , so sorry there was a problem with your new account. I think you should contact customer support to discuss your needs. Here are some of the ways to reach customer support. I do hope you are able to resolve your issue. Regards