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Undue delay in investigation from back office

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I've been with Fido for over a year,  always keeping my part in our agreement/contract,  Fido has caused undue stress , and undue delay in their apparent " back office was supposed to complete with 24 hrs " this started last week..... fedex allowed an individual to sign and accept my pkg , it states a person with the name other then mine has signed for it   ..

Fido has not done anything to resolve it, I have called everyday to solve it.... to sit on hold to get hung up on. .

Worst service 

Not only this 

However a deposit means I would get the option to have that 100 $ back once my qualifying period was over.... 

Bu legal terms a deposit at no point belongs to fido , it is held in trust until I 1) dont pay the bill 2) give fido the okay to place the 100$ onto my cell phone bill ...

So when placed that 100$ down in December 03 2019 not only was i belong lied to inorder to receive service .

Very very disappointed 

And have contacted my lawyer. 




Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @Karlab


Sorry to hear about your recent experience. I understand the urgency, it's troubling that someone else could receive your package.


I can assure you that we treat these take this type case as high priority, however an investigate must take place so we can get to the bottom of this with the courier delivery service. We can definitely take a closer look at this with you and follow up on the conversation. As this will require access to your account, I'll be sending you a PM shortly.


As a side note, is the $100 deposit the one you placed when creating your Fido account? That security deposit is refunded automatically on our end and will be credited back to your account balance. To clarify, it is refunded when:


  • As long as the deposit has been held for minimum of 12 months. 
  • If the initial 12-month period has passed and the account is not eligible, re-evaluation is processed on a monthly basis until the deposit can be released.

We can also confirm these details with you in PM after accessing your account. Talk to you soon!