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Unbelievably bad system. Very disappointed. Leaving the first chance I get.

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I ordered a phone yesterday morning for pickup. I called the store and support today in the morning and support told me that they processed the order and the store should confirm it. The store said that they did not receive the order and that is a glitch and they'll have to manually do it (im paraphrasing, i dont know what exactly they meant by glitch). So after waiting to get it done, they asked me for my ID and finally said they couldn't do it because my study permit was expiring in less than 2 years (the length of the contract) and that I should cancel the order and re order it selecting the shipping option this time instead of the pick up option. I contacted support and explained my situation to them, and the support executive told me that she had cancelled my order and I can place it again, and she also assured me that I would get the same deal at the same price. However, when I checked my portal, the prices were higher (the price of the phone went from $5/month to $10/month and the lowest phone plan went from $43/month to $48/month). I contacted customer support again and explained my situation to them.  They had me on hold for a while and finally told me that they could not get me the old deal again and that I had the option to get the new deal (10+48/month) and then raise a request, which is still not guaranteed to give me back my old prices. At this point, I was done with Fido and just wanted to leave. So I asked if I can atleast go back to my old plan (My plan had changed from 20gb/$39 to 50gb/$43 when I got the deal with the phone), and the customer support executive told me that he would raise a request for that.


Overall,  I am extremely disappointed in the system. I know the customer support people did their best and they don't really have control over the system. I wasted several hours of my time and lost the deal that I got for the new phone, and also lost the plan that I had before this whole mess.


I am leaving Fido the first opportunity I get after this entire ordeal.