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Unauthorized Credit Check

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I received an email from Fido last night stating they have an offer for a new Samsung phone. I clicked on the link to view the offer then closed the browser without making any changes to my account only to wake up this morning with a new unauthorized credit check on my report and my score going down by 15 points. 


I've called Fido customer support only to be rerouted to your chat that told me I will get a response within 24hrs, and your Credit Operations department that doesn't allow me to speak with a human. The people I have been able to speak to through chat and 'technical support' were very dismissive, had no empathy, and kept blaming me. I'd been a customer with Fido then switched to Freedom due to billing errors only to come back to the same system that is flawed and blames its customers. I am very upset and disappointed as I have been a good customer who pay my bills in full and on time. How can you run a credit check without even speaking to the customer for authorization???? 


I can't even get the proper information to file a complaint with Fido. 



Hello @PPMM104,


Welcome to the community! 


I'm sad to hear that you're having a hard time finding a solution to do. 

Feel free to reach out via these methods and we'll be happy to assist.