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The way to reach out to Winback team?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I was very upset with the winback team.

I would like to share this very annoying experience with the winback team.


I recently moved to Telus, and then I received a call from the winback team.

She offered me $35/12GB with 5G which is why I accepted their offer and said that Simcard would deliver to my place in 3-5 business days. 

I waited for 10 days and called fido customer service to figure out what was going on. 

I was on the phone for two hours, and then they said that all they can do was to leave a note for the winback team to make a phone call to me. 


Finally, I got a phone call from the winback team, and the plan they offered me was different.

They told me that they don't have what I offered in the first place, and they offered me a new offer of $45/20GB with 5G. I could not understand why most representatives say differently in relation to plans. I double-checked whether it is 5G every time I called Fido after getting their offer. 


I felt like I wasted my time and was very disappointed with the Fido winback team. I don't think I would use fido again. Hence, I asked them to cancel it, but still, $55 was taken out of my credit bill. If I used the plan, I would pay, but I don't want to pay for what I haven't used. 


let me know where should I call to get $55 back.



Hey @Donghwan,


I'm sorry to learn about your recent experience with our Winback team. 🙁


You can definitely get this reviewed again with our Winback team. Please get in touch with our customer care team so they can help you get in touch with Winback!