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Unable to select 2 year term for upgrade

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



I am a very frustated customer! I have been with your company for over 5 years now and have never had trouble upgrading my device.


I spent 2 hours on the phone today with and advisor and even he couldn't figure it out.


It doesn't let me select a 2 year term for 0$, only gives me an option to pay the phone off in full.


I need this to be fixed now






Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello Kbrittney93,


  Welcome to the community!


  Firstly, what plan type do you have? You should note that Fido switched from their subsidised plans to a financed Payment Program. With the old subsidised plans, the cost of devices was incorporated into the plan costs (ie Large, Medium, etc). On the other hand, with the new model, the cost of devices is separate from the plan costs. You should also note that some of the old plan types are not compatible with the new financed model so you might need to switch to a new plan in order to get a new phone. If you have an older subsidised or BYOP plan, that could be the reason you are not offered the option to finance a new device. If you are required to change to a new plan, you should also note that any bonus data you might have received may not be compatible with new plans.


Hope this helps 😀