Unable to Contact Customer Service / Support

Unable to Contact Customer Service / Support

Unable to Contact Customer Service / Support

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Unable to Contact Customer Service / Support

I have tried contacting customer support via phone at (888) 481-3456 and via Live Chat, both of which have been unsuccessful. The automated phone answering service says that their number has changed and that I should dial #2030 for the new number. I have tried Live Chat. An error message pops up and no Live Chat screen. Anyone having the same issue? Has Fido gone underground? haha

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Hello @christopherdiot,


We haven't gone underground just yet and we're still very much assisting our customers. Smiley 


Although, this is certainly not the experience we want you to have, we also have other channels through which you can contact us. You can find them on our page here, for instance you can contact us by private message on Facebook or Twitter. 


Also, depending on your request, you can access your online account if it is regarding a self-serve functionnality. 


Hope that you are safe and sound. Take care! 

Thanks for your response. The link you provided directs me to the same phone number and a prompt to login for further support, both of which I have tried already.


However, I will try sending a message via Facebook Messenger.


Thanks Smiley

Facebook works too! In terms of our number it is 1-888-481-3436. If you're getting a message saying it changed it was likely a typo in the number while calling.


Hope that helps Smiley