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Two Issues When Trying to Add a New Line

I'm a contributor level 2
I'm a contributor level 2



I'm trying to add a new line and order a new phone, but I've encountered two issues.


1. When I build my plan, how do I select unlimited text messaging? The only place I see text even mentioned is in relation to some voicemail-to-text service for $7.00, which doesn't sound like what I want.


2. My shipping address is a PO box that doesn't appear among the acceptable addresses. So how can I give my proper address when ordering?


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @AT6! Smiley


All our current monthly plans include unlimited text messaging, there's no additional options to add!


In terms of your address, is the address you're looking to ship the order to the one on the account?


If it does not work, we'll have to troubleshoot and may have to manually process the order, please contact us so that we can do that.