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So I ordered the 128GB iPhone 13 in pink yesterday. Although I haven't received any confirmation that the order went through, and in fact I was told to "try again" after submitting it, I think it may have sort have gone through because it keeps sayin...
When I look at the cost of the iPhone 13 (128 GB) it says that it's $335.00 down and $33.34 per month. However, when I try to get it with a plan, I don't see any down cost and the monthly cost becomes $47.30. Does that mean that the down cost has aut...
Hi, I'm trying to add a new line and order a new phone, but I've encountered two issues. 1. When I build my plan, how do I select unlimited text messaging? The only place I see text even mentioned is in relation to some voicemail-to-text service for ...
I just ordered a new phone, and I typed in my full address properly. However, in the confirmation email, my PO box number is missing from the address. I need to make sure some glitch isn’t putting a partial address on the label for my package. Please...
I was wondering if the iPhone X was gone from your site for good, or will it be back in stock again?
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