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Trouble with Texts - group texts that include Android users

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

A few years ago with my old iPhone 7, I was not receiving texts from group texts that included Androids, as well not able to send texts to groups texts that included one or more Android phone. I also could not get texts or send texts re: Android phones with photos included. (Texts/messaging works fine when it is only iPhone users, so it seems to be a MMS messaging issue. Texts that are sent to just one Android user do go through.)

There is no indication when the texts do not go through - meaning that I do not know when there is a problem and people who send the texts think I am ignoring them. 

When dealing with Fido a few years ago, the issue seemed to be resolved eventually. The texts started working - so the problem appeared to be on the side of the carrier. But then the problem started again. I then recently (fall of 2022) got a new iPhone 13 and the problem persists with that phone. 

I have talked to Fido technical services twice recently to see if we can get this solved once and for all. Both times, I got a text thanking me for reporting the issue, but that they haven't been able to identify an issue at this time. I then have to re-contact Fido and the whole process starts again. 

I went Fido store today and bought a new SIM card, just in case that was the issue. It did not solve the problem. I had an iphone tech person have a look at my phone, and they said that this issue should not be my phone - the issue stems from Fido's end. Please help me Fido! Thanks!


Good morning @Bluesky9 , sorry to hear that your iPhone and android don't play well together. I'm an android user and have heard many stories about the problem with iPhone messaging and android rcs not being very compatible. I don't seem to have problems sending to iPhones,  it could be the settings on the android devices that prevent the messages from being delivered. I feel that technical support is the venue to help with solving this problem for you. See Here  to request technical support for your situation. Here  is another link that discusses your issue between iPhone and Android. Hope this helps