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Transfer contract from one line to another in same account

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1



I have 2 lines on my account. One of the lines has a 24 month contract ( line A) and the other one is bring your own phone plan (line B).


I want to transfer the contract responsibility to the other line in the same account i.e. from line A to line B? However, I do not wish to lose either of my numbers in the process. Is this possible?


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Senior MVP

Hello Penthouse,


  Welcome to the community!


  Assuming your lines would like to keep their respective phone numbers, but essentially switch plans, then unfortunately I don't think that's possible. The plans are associated with the phone numbers and not the account per se. Even if both lines are on the same account, you wouldn't be able to switch plans between the phone numbers.


  On the other hand, if each line doesn't need to keep their respective phone numbers, you could switch the SIMs between devices. Phone A would receive Line B's phone number and vice versa.


  Also, I may be mistaken, but I think the contract responsibility is on the account holder. Since both lines are on the same account, the account holder is responsible for both lines' plans and contracts. If one were to transfer responsibility, I think it would need to be transferred to a separate account (see here and here).


Hope this helps 😀