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Transaction fee waived

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

Hey I recently just got a new phone with you guys because mine was getting old. I’m going to have to pay my upgrading fee of 91 dollars on the next bill and now I’m gettting told 35 as well for the transaction fee. I also changed my plan to a bigger one to get the phone a bit cheaper but I’m changing the plan it’s a win win for Fido. I’ve been with Fido for almost 4 years now. Could I get this waived off or else I think I’ll have to go to Koodo that doesn’t charge it. I don’t think. Thank you 


I'm Helpful Level 1
I'm Helpful Level 1

Hello loyal Fido client,


First off. Its great your a loyal client of Fido. Im sure that Fido appreciates it.


In terms of the $35 fee there is no way of waving it, and I am almost positive that every mobile provider charges it.


I hope that, despite this, you remain with Fido. There customer service, and phone plans are the best in my opinion.



Have a great evening