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Things that tell you it's a scam...

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

Received this message earlier


Clearly a scam so I typed the link into google search and NOTHING came up. Not a single result. So I typed the url into the address bar and it took me here

feoinvat.jpgand clicking the rbc link opened a sign in page shown on the left of the image below. The legit RBC page is on the right


now, if the web link that doesn't have even 1 google result, along with the "interac" webpage not being secured, plus the not secure "bank" sign in page's url having in it wasn't enough to scream "FAKE!!" the bottom of the fake RBC login page is. (again fake site is on the left)

sidebyside2.jpgHopefully this will help people know what to look out for if a scam seems to be legit.

And yes I forwarded the text message to SPAM


Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for sharing @foxx_vegas