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The issue remains unresolved, and there is no avenue for lodging a complaint. This is very disappointing.

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I port in my number to Fido on Black Friday due to a 'great deal' offered by a local dealer. They guaranteed a 40GB monthly data plan, but I only received 20GB. After multiple calls to customer support and three visits to the dealer, the issue remains unresolved. Now I dont care abou the extra data, I just feel deceived and taken advantage of by Fido. There have been significant delays and gaps between each attempt to resolve the problem.

Today, a new special offer appeared on my end-user management portal. When I called customer service to inquire about more details, they claimed they couldn't see the offer, which further raised my concerns. After being transferred, I've been waiting on hold for over an hour without any resolution in sight. This experience has been incredibly disappointing. I will definitely port out my numbers to another ISP when there's the opportunity.



Hey @jiaoqy2008


Sorry to hear about the situation you're in. It certainly doesn't sound like the experience we aim to offer our customers.

We definitely want to resolve this for you. 


We therefore encourage you to reach out to us again so we can look into this further. We're available on multiple platforms, all listed on our contact page


If you've already explained your situation to customer service to no avail, you can find the process to resolve a concern here


Hope this helps!