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The Best Customer Care in the world

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3
  • had to factory reset my phone and after installing my apps, i noticed the fido yellow icon on my phone without any app being installed 
  • Clicking the icon took me to fido login web page then asked if I wanted to leave Firefox and then on to what looked like the app with my plan and usage details.
  • Years ago a financial institution's their database hacked and my privacy info was compromised. Account monitors were placed on all credit bureaus. Hence I am extra careful and concerned. 
  • 18th Dec 2023 9:30 am called *611 from my registered phone, (I assume here that the service specialist who answered the call knew who I was from my caller-id)
  • The woman said I failed authentication 
  • Gave her correct date of birth 
  • She refused to continue as she said I was 2nd guessing
  • She refused to re-authenticate it
  • I explained this date of birth for my non essential services. That you already have done a credit check on me, you are receiving regular payments for the last year..
  • She then said your account is “compromised” and you have to go to a fido centre and verify yourself . How does personal info compromised years ago constitute a compromised account today? Totally frustrated.
  • She didn't like the tone of my voice and her attitude was condescending and unwilling to help and very arrogant.  Further she refused to divulge her identity.
  • Re-dialed *611 - got the same agent  Said there were no other agent I could speak to nor could she escalate to a supervisor. 
  • Wouldn't listen to the query, she reiterated she could not continue the conversation. 
  • Refused to answer the icon related query as well. She again reiterated she could not continue the conversation nor transfer to a superior.
  • Searched the fido website and couldn't find a contact other than 611 
  • Many livechats and phone calls later, I could not speak to a supervisor nor could I get an email address I could not register my complaint against the first specialist.
  • Finally 4 to 5 hours later I spoke to a very helpful and knowledgeable tech support who resolved my query in under 5 minutes.
  • Went to fido centre on 15.01.24 after Christmas rush.
  • Identified myself but they refused to make the account changes.
  • why did 2 staff member “specialists” Advise me to go to the store?
  • Fido has no respect for its customers. 
  • There is no ability to send an email to explain my case. The chat process requires validation every time even from my registered phone.
  • When I expressed my frustration, I was offered to be transferred to cancellations.
  • Thank you very much Fodo and the first agent gets away with her rudeness. This is the cherry on the cake.
  • Also it is so difficult to see the text in the livechat window. You can't scroll to correct,
  •  Imagine typing all this to get my issues into livechat for the agent to register 9nly this summary.
  • Even this fido community Is not the place to register a complaint as stated by some MVP’s in this forum elsewhere. Sooooo totally frustrated.
  • What else can I do?

Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello Ivory1,


  Welcome to the community!


  Sorry to hear of your issues. However, from what you note, I'm not sure Fido's customer service is to blame...


@Ivory1 wrote:...
  • I explained this date of birth for my non essential services....

  Are you stating you provided an alternate date of birth when you signed up for services? If you did, you should note Fido are within their right to suspend or cancel your services for providing false information (see Terms of Service ; section 2,i,vi). I understand wanting to safeguard your information, however, providing an unverifiable birth date is likely the root cause of your issue.


  I understand you are frustrated with customer service because they won't authenticate the information you provided even though you may very well be the actual owner of the line. However, from anyone else's point of view (customer service included), no one knows whether you are the owner of the line or perhaps some fraudster attempting to gain access to your account. There is no way to differentiate the two possibilities over the phone. I also understand you feel that calling from your registered phone might be sufficient verification. However, they cannot discount the possibility someone may have stolen your device. Those could be some reasons you were asked to go to a store to verify your identity.


  I'm guessing you don't have documentation with your alternate date of birth, though, as I don't think that would be legal (see here). The customer service representatives in-store can only do a cursory identification verification. If the information on your account is different from that stated on your identification, that could be the reason they refused to make the changes. Again, from anyone else's point of view, no one can verify you are the owner of the line. They would not be in a position to perform a more in-depth identification verification.


  I understand you tried to explain your situation. However, any fraudster could attempt to provide the same explanation.


  Unfortunately, I'm not sure what measures are available to update the information on your account. It's possible you may need to contact Fido's Fraud Department and send in additional documentation.


  I further understand you don't believe Fido respects their customers. Ultimately, however, their actions were to safeguard your line and account from potential fraudsters. It might be easy (and frustrating) to know you are who you say you are. Unfortunately, trying to verify an alternate date of birth with no corroborating documentation is problematic. The can't be faulted for trying to protect customers' accounts.


  On the other hand, if you did not provide a false date of birth, my apologies. You can disregard what I have written above.



I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Part II

  1. All it took was a 5 minute chat with the correct staff (validation department) which was what I was asking for all along.
  2. As explained by your agent internal checks (whatever that means) necessitates the data to  be retained on file. However, that has its own legal implications should a data Breach occur on your side, it is not limited to a police complaint and credit bureau monitoring by me and at my costs in contrast to his assertions. It does not absolve Fido from it's legal responsibilies that arise out of the breach. 


None the less, thank you once again for your  lengthy explanation with the one line that says call fraud.


A total of 8 interactions later, finding the forum, detailing my issue, and answering searches on your website and 6 to 8 hours of a total waste of time I have a few constructive  suggestions if you care:


  1. The procedures set up are draconian and seem to be devised by someone very distant from customer satisfaction and structured to deal with standard issues and dispose off the customer asap.. 
  2. Your junior ”specialist” have no idea what to do thereafter nor want to find out.
  3. There are no options available to them to request an alternative group to assess an irregular requirement other than ignore the customer.
  4. If the supervisors thinks that a request is irrelevant and choses to ignore the customer, there is not much else the customer can do. 
  5. Fortunately i re-found this community site. But this a strange practice. How difficult was that to give me that info in the first place.
  6. The Indian personnel were very polite, obliging and empathetic but couldn't provide answers or escalate.
  7. Even the community posts are of low contrast and very difficult to read.


I have made every reasonable attempt to detail  the issues faced. Take it or leave it I dont care anymore. Either way, I am out of Fido once my contract ends if i have no options. 


I hope you don't escort me to cancellations like your agents did on expressing my dissatisfaction. I will accept, if you cancel my contract along with any financial obligations and take back your device at no cost or penalties to me. 


I will not pay to be insulted.

Hello again,


  Thank you for the additional information. Apologies for my misunderstanding your situation. To be honest, I'm still not sure I fully understand the extent of your concerns. That said, I'm glad you found at least some of the information provide helpful.


 To clarify, I don't work for Fido. I'm a fellow customer.




I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Hi cawtau,

Thank you for taking the time to try to reply to my issue.

I don't think I could elaborate any further.

My only issue  now is the  unacceptable rudeness of the 2 customer care agents.

Sadly I have not heard from any official fido personnel.

Fido conducts it's business like a third world fish market.


The customer service sucks.

I will take my business elsewhere.

Hey @Ivory1 


We definitely do not want to see you go. We will be sending you a private message in order to better assist you. Rest assured we're here to help! 😀



I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Are you sure???????

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Hi Javaid,

Don't get your hopes too high.

The whole process is a joke.

My issue occurred on Dec 18th.

I had nothing else to do in the world except chase Fido to improve on their services


It's 2 months and nothing seems to happen.

It 2 weeks since the details were forwarded to the higher-ups, still no news.


My only focus is that staff have no right to treat customers rudely. I dont expect much but my hope is that other customers would not be meted the same treatment.


What a disaster expecting customers to resolve issues for a supposed  "personal involvement" and it takes 2 - 3 weeks before any fido representative responds and/or tries to find a solution or resolution. I want an answer or a resolution now and be on my way.


It's not a system issue., There will always be technical glitches, malfunctioning equipment , but a timely resolution would be much appreciated.


Obviously, the person designing the customer service protocol has no idea what customer service entails to get the job done quickly and efficiently and with the customer's convenience.


You probably made this remark as a comment, i hope you do not have an issue. God help you if you do

This is a third world service model and no one seems to notice or care.

After 5 hours spent to document the incidents in great detail, I had to reconfirm every detail for another 2 hours with a fido rep only to be asked if all my issues were resolved.

If it was, why would I after so many months still be here wasting my time? My suggestion is go to rogers. Much better and professionally managed sister company. Their staff are efficient,  polite, have the answers, if they don't they will find it. The issue is resolved or explained as to why it cannot be done and the customers leave happy.

When it comes to Fido, it's all 

empathy and fluff.


My hope is that the management looks at all tge points raised and actions them.


Frankly, i am not hopefulbased on the way they work.

iI am proud of what we made Canada  but now it's disgusting third world service.

Hello @javaid7,


If you require assistance with your account, you can reach out to us through these channels. We'd be happy to help!

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Part I

  1. Thank you Cawtau. Your's is the only reply of any value. I am sorry I have repeat myself but I fear the message focus was incorrectly received and hence the clarification. 
  2. The date of birth was not the issue. This came up as a consequence the rude agent’s bahaviour.
  3. The original reason for my call was to find out whether the fido icon which appeared was auto-installed by Fido and if the subsequent process flow was correct. I expected a short yes/no answer.
  4. When I called 611, a Nxxx Bxxer responded to it. Yes, I failed the validation the first time. In many previous calls, most support staff are very obliging and courteous.
    1. Given the correct info She refused a re-validation 
    2. Claims I'm second guessing 
    3. will not answer the reason for calling (icon issue)
    4. Calling 611 again gets the same agent. Refuses to assist 
    5. Says there is no other associate i speak or be transferred to
    6. Refused to transfer to a supervisor. 
    7. She then twisted my explanation on an ancient data breach to jusrify her position.
    8. She didn't like the tone of my voice.
    9. It would have ended had she politely refused.
    10. Why would she refuse to identify herself? I was under the impression it was a pre-requisite even if I missed it the first time.
    11. None of your managers even acknowledge her inappropriate behaviour if someone had gone through my complaintls 
    12. At that point it did not come across as she was protecting my interest but more about her “authority”, arrogance and finality of her decision.
    13. There was never an opportunity a request to her to change any details. She refused all further communications after the initial validation issue.


  1. Years have passed since the financial security breach with security checks with all credit bureaus at the cost of the financial institution.
  2. Subsequently, when I tried to register a complaint against this arrogant “specialist” 
    1. I was unable to get in all the details thru a chat (difficult to enter or correct)
    2. Difficult to make the agent  understand the problem and too many details, re-explanations to paint a true picture. Felt I needed an email to do so.
    3. Couldn't get an email address to explain my point to my satisfaction. (All companies have an email address as a contact us )
    4. Couldn't get thru to a supervisor after repeated requests
    5. All that resulted was a note on my file and a conversation ID.
    6. In some cases, in mid conversation the phone disconnected and there is no call back. 
    7. One particular call after ID verification, “Ms. Pxxxa” (full name reserved), the agent goes to verify my account, the call cuts off and the file entry states “customer disconnected”.  I was still on the line…..waiting. Had to call back.
    8. Other than a file entry, there was no follow-up, no escalation, no solution no way to escalate and the customer is left in the dark. 
    9. After 5+ attempts by the customer, No one thinks the customer is expecting a reply?
    10. No attempt to give me contact for escalation had been made by the staff. 
    11. The front end staff had  spoken to a higher authority before decling my request to speak to a supervisor.
    12. It's obvious that the supervisors chose to ignore my request.
    13. Every interaction requires a validation, and all details to be re-given to the agent to only get no answers.
  3. Carelessness, verbal assault or action causing tangible loss is never acceptable. 
  4. During one of my telephonic talks, I was directed to go to the store identify myself and they would do the needful. The store tells me they couldn't do that. Totally frustrated i expressed my dissatisfaction to the 611 agent who told me she would transfer me to cancellations. 
  5. If as per your justification from an “outside point of view”. Please listen to the recordings of the conversations you retain. 
  6. On the DOB issue, l do understand that my subsequent request to alter my details is unusual and may or may not be “regular” company policy. Other companies have obliged. 
  7. The details provided in the agreement signed at contract time were factual. A credit check would fail had the info been incorrect. Your explanation is therefore baseless as stated by you.
  8. There is no reason why you should run a credit check on me without my express consent beyond our initial agreement. My consent is needed at each requirement when a credit check is deemed necessary. Hence my request (hopefully) for a change in order to safeguard my interest.
  9. Why isn't there an email contact where a customer could send all details like all other businesses do. 
  10. How  do I take up any matter if all the information and communications are retained by you exclusively. There is no record available to me of our conversations other than a LiveChat copy. This is highly irregular.
  11. However, your suggestion to contact fraud was invaluable. I was transferred to the validation department instead. I did not get the response I wanted to hear but at least my questions were answered. It made me feel real comfortable to note that the security measures put in place by Fido are well implemented.