Texts sent and received not showing.

Texts sent and received not showing.

Texts sent and received not showing.

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Texts sent and received not showing.

Hi there, 


I own a LG Nexus 4, and today out of the blue the text messages have stopped working. Even though I sent texts today, it doesn't show the time i sent them, it only says I sent them on May 8th (it usually only shows the date if they were sent on a day previous to the current day).


Also, I cannot see what i have sent to people, although they recieve my messages my phone will not show that it has sent, and also will not show texts I have recieved.


My snapchat too refuses to send anything, which may be something different, but it is another problem I have just noticed.


Please help!





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It seems to be a bug with the app itself.
Some troubleshooting you could try is:
-Removing battery and then just restart phone.
-Delete the messages in your biggest threads, if you got threads with thousands of messages, delete maybe like the top 2-3. I always get random problems with the default sms app when reaching high numbers.
-Download 3rd party sms app like "go sms pro". After that change it as your default main sms app. See if problem persists.
Let us know