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Terrible service i have never experience

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I am writing this email to bring to your attention that I am not satisfied with your quality of service provided at FIDO Store in Metrotown, Burnaby ,BC(#1163-4700 Kingsway, Burnaby , BC). I never expect I can have this terrible experience from Fido , which I loyal to and always referred to my friends in Canada. I am so upset with your stuff’s performance.

On Jun 20th, 2020 ( Saturday afternoon at about 14:50) , my boyfriend and I went to Fido store in Metrotown , Vancouver , BC. Since we get the news that Fido client can get Huawei pad for free, we went to Fido store to see whether we are qualified to have a pad or are there any conditions for that. Unfortunately , I did not take my photo ID with me. A young manager told me that they cannot give any information to me if I can’t provide physical ID. I totally understand to present ID is to protect my account information. I suggested him to ask me security questions about my account and my personal information, but he coldly and easily answer “no”. It is ok that he can’t provide account information to me since I didn’t have ID with me. But he even didn’t give any clue about the general inquires such as how I can be qualify to get a Huawei pad. I asked him to talk with manager, he answered he is one of the senior managers. But he called another manager to see me. Things went even worse after I talked with the second manager called Phil. He walked to us without any smile, and all his face shows “ I will kick them away ” . Yes, he is succeed at “kick” us out of Fido. He told me I need to present the physical ID and he told me whatever he said is policy, but he cannot present this policy. I am not sure does Fido have something called “ know your client” , which most of the banks has. Bank always required their stuffs to know their client. I did not expect him to know me , but at least , as an customer service, he should tried to know me and provide some general idea (not related personal account information) like how can I qualify to get a pad even I don’t have ID with me. I feel he is so impatient to answer any questions to us. I feel angry about that. I asked him how can he treat us with this bad attitude, he answered “ I refused to do service to you” and “ you are not welcomed to this store”. This is exactly what he said to me .  I am not sure what is wrong with me. I am just there for some general questions, how come I need to present ID. And without ID , he told me “I refused to do service to you” and “ not welcomed” without trying to give any information. I don’t think he was trained professionally.

One more thing is I don’t have ID with me , but my boyfriend have his driver license with him. He were tried to get help from the store in line, but both managers skip him and help the next one. Is there anything wrong with my boyfriend? He is in line , and not get involved while I were talking with those two managers. How come your stuff skip and ignore him and do service to the next one while my boyfriend is still in line with his ID? He felt so insulted and not be respected.





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I'm sorry to read that you were not satisfied with the experience you had in one of our locations. This is not what we want for any of our customers, as we aim to provide excellent customer service to everyone!


The security of your account and information is important, which is why we follow authentication procedures when it comes to providing information.


We appreciate you taking the time to provide your comments however, as your feedback is always appreciated!


Have you had the chance to contact us through our servicing channels for assistance with your request? 


We'd also be happy to over the situation with you and review your recent interaction together! 


We'll be sending you a PM shortly to get started.