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Terrible customer service

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Yesterday i called the CS to see if there is any good offers to benefit from since my contract is coming to an end in January, i spoke to a representative which gave me options to choose from to have a new phone (S20+plan)! The offer says i can benefit from an exclusive deal of unlimited calls canada wide with 6GB for 45$ but she can apply a 5$ discount. This one obviously everyone can get and is not an exclusive deal for an existing customer. Where is loyalty discount in this, i don't see it. Till now all was good, i couldn't complete transaction since i had to go to a store and browse directly the phones but i asked her to leave notes since this is happening to me several times that speech versions are changing and treating as garbage like you are begging for something but at last you are paying the service nothing free! 
so i head to the store this morning to complete the transaction, the guy that i was dealing with saif i cannot upgrade the phone, can you call and ask for a confirmation number or if they can change the plan and apply the discount so i can upgrade because the system is not allowing me. Which i did, i called and waited for 40 min to hear (the agent did a mistake and this offer cannot be applied to you, i spoke to our support team and they said she will be coached and declined the offer!) i came to my patience limit with these situations and the versions keep changing. I am canceling my service because the customer is treated as garbage and i am aware of consumer law protection in that case and for which fido can be suites because notes were left on the file



Hey @3jihane,


We're truly sorry to learn about your recent experience with customer care. This is definitely not what we aim to offer.

We'd love to make things right. We can send you a PM here and assist you further if you'd like.