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Taking a pre-owned phone with fido payment program affect my current plan?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1


I have a subsidized phone plan for 12 months as I am new immigrant in Canada. I saw the option to buy a pre-owned phone from Fido with the Fido Payment Program at a good discount with monthly bill credits.

My question is if I purchase a phone with this arrangement will that change my current phone plan and I will lose the current phone plan discounts?

Please help.





Hi there @BHANUMEHTA29 , if you have a plan already without a financed device, you should be able to add a device purchase without any changes to your plan. If you are already financing a device, then it must be paid in full before another device can be purchased. When buying a device, the plan isn't impacted. If I am incorrect then hopefully someone will correct me.