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Suspended account due to late payment

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi, I had a recent upgrade of my credit card that is set up to pay my Fido bills. Some information about it changes and I forgot to update the payment method, so now I have a late payment issue.


Currently I cannot access data service after I have paid the amount yesterday. And I see no indication of my account being suspended due to this in Fido "My Account" or any email from Fido. Is this normal? Will I be charged a credit score penalty or is it negotiable? Do I need Fido support to resume the service? Sorry for throwing these many questions out, I really just had a busy month and hope there is no hard consequence.



Hey @meatbun Very_Happy 


When it comes to your credit score, the late payment would most likely show up but it really does depend on the amount and the delay before the payment was received.

One late payment shouldn't impact it too much at all, especially if your payments are usually made on time and pre-authorized. Smiley 

If your mobile data was suspended as a result, it should resume automatically once we receive the payment on our end! 

Should that not be the case, you can certainly contact customer service for assistance.