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Survey - Expired

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I recently changed a number of things on my account including adding a new line, new phone/plan etc. And because of the complications within my account I had to speak with a customer service rep. Her name was Sharon (from Ontario), and not only was she helpful...she was kind, understanding and got me exactly what I needed. I cannot say enough good things about Sharon and how grateful I was to be speaking to someone who truly cared about her customer. I was so excited to sing Sharon's praises in the survey that was to be emailed to me and as I got to sit down and complete said survey (new Mom thus getting a moment to oneself is limited) had expired. Can someone help me? I want Sharon to know how much she helped me and how grateful I am for her help and knowledge. I've been looking online and called a few times to no avail. 



I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Thank you so much for your reply and information! If there is a Mod that can be suggested I will definitely try that method. 

Hey! We'll send you a PM to get your phone number and we'll be able to pass along your feedback Smiley



Hey @Kateblooms you can send a message to @FidoSolutions and someone will help you.


Hello @Kateblooms,


Welcome the community!


It's very refreshing to read about your positive experience and that you want to ensure Sharon gets the credit she deserves.


Unfortunately, since the survey has expired there is nothing that can be done but I'm sure a moderator here in the community can be in touch and get the necessary info to make sure the feedback gets back to Sharon.