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Super Annoyed

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Went online on my Fido account to change plan plus upgrade to a new phone. This was 2 days ago.


Received phone today (after a hell of an experience getting it delivered with UPS!!!) The brand new phone wont even turn on. Called into customer service, they told me that I would get an email with a waybill to return this phone. I also requested my plan be changed back to my original, and that I was done with this whole experience. 


CSR told me my account would be charged the $700+ for the phone until it is returned due to changing my plan back. (Opted for Iphone 6+ on a medium plan). My plan was a grandfathered plan as I was a new customer from Chatr....

Why do I have to deal with the headache of this? Why was I sent an unusable phone? It wont even turn on. It was brand new!!! Not impressed to say the least. 


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @sbouillot


Welcome to the Community! 

This definitely doesn't sound like the kind of experience we want any of our customers to go through. I totally understand that the phone should absolutely be in working condition when you receive it! 

As for the cost of the plan, we can always apply the appropriate adjustments in these kinds of scenarios to make it so you're only paying for the cost of the correct plan. Do you still have the phone with you at this time? Can you confirm if it's been set-up on the charge properly? Do you see any kind of icon show up when you have it plugged in?