Struggling to get help online or by phone for unresponsive phone

Struggling to get help online or by phone for unresponsive phone

Struggling to get help online or by phone for unresponsive phone

I'm a Participant Level 2

Struggling to get help online or by phone for unresponsive phone

Anyone else having issues or did I just have bad luck?

My LG G3 suddenly became a brick yesterday and the response from Fido has been underwhelming.  I waited on the chat for an hour to be told that I could purchase a new phone. (!)

WHen i asked about service/help I was told to call LG and waited another 10 minutes to get that phone number.


As for the phone help - I was told to go to the store.  No help online.

I have 3 phone lines with Fido.  I have no confidence in their service at this point and am wondering what my next steps should be.


If I have to buy a new phone, I suspect that I will be inclined to go elsewhere.



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Hello @phreds_phancy,


Welcome to the community!


It's unfortunate that your phone stopped working but these things do happen and quite a few people suffered with that issue with the G3. I'm curious to know what would be a satisfying outcome for you that you would like from Fido?


Whether your phone is in/out of warranty and your are past the 15 days satisfaction guarantee it will need to be sent out for repairs. If the phone is in warranty I would send it out for repairs through Fido even though Fido would be the middle man. 


If its out of warranty and seeing that the G3 is old now I would take it to any local cellphone repair shop to see if its even worth fixing.

I'm a Participant Level 2

at this point heading to see what can be done at a fido store.

I am not naive, and I realize the phone is out of warranty (20 months ownership - out of warranty for 8).  However, the phone simply died.  No external reason that I can see.  For a unit that is priced when new, well over $500, I see no reason for a lifespan that short with no potential repair or support)

If nothing, and no reasonable suggestion made, I suspect I will kill my account with Fido and try someone else.

The terseness and unhelpfulness that I received today has soured my opinion.

@phreds_phancy what is it that you are expecting Fido to do about your out of warranty phone that died?


At this point all that Fido can do is sell you a new phone or as was suggested when you called in is to take it to store so it can be checked out, if the phone is dead there isn't much online help can do for you. If you think that there is no reason for the life span of the phone to be that short you need to contact LG and let them know after all they make the phone not Fido.


We definitely don't want to see  you leave @phreds_phancy


Let's check your options together.


I'm sending you a PM to get this looked into. Talk to you soon.




Hey @phreds_phancy and welcome to the Community.

Sorry to see it took so long for you to reach  a representative online.


What happened with your phone is definitely not normal. Did you get a chance to bring it to one of our locations to see what's going on?

To find a store close that's close, you can use our locator here.


Let me know.