Fido password bug

Fido password bug

Fido password bug

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Fido password bug

If you try to change your password on the Fido web site to one that includes dashes, such as "h4U-3T5-eR7", you will get an error that says, "Please include at least 1 number and 1 letter."


So the bug is that the error message makes no sense. It should say, "The character '-' is not permitted".


But my request/suggestion is that dashes be a permitted character.


Otherwise it's cumbersome to use Apple Keychain to set a password on


Additionally, when iOS 11 comes out, I hope that the Fido app will support "Password Autofill for Apps".



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Hey quarfie!


Thanks for sharing your comments! 


That's definitely not the correct error message you're seeing there!


I've gone ahead and flagged that one on your behalf and I've also forwarded your feedback to the right team.