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Roaming Charged on Voicemail

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1


I am currently outside Canada and got a few calls, that I never picked up and just let it ring out into voicemail, however I got charged an additional 112$ on top of my 55$ bill. Im really annoyed by this my bill had come up to 4 times than what I had to usually pay. How did I get charged for these voicemails as Fido Roam - International when I never even listened to them or answered these calls. The only reason I still had my sim active was because to receive texts while I'm abroad. Please look into this.




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Senior MVP

Hello Vishwask,


  Welcome to the community!


  Sorry to hear you've received unexpected charges on your bill. However, are you sure those charges are for voicemail? The Fido Roam charge is incurred when any of your usage (make or receive a call, send a text message or use data) has occurred on your SIM while abroad. Since your SIM was still active in your phone, is it possible the usage was data? Had you disabled data and roaming data on your device? Had you sent any text messages? In addition, you should note that while receiving SMS is not charged, any data transmitted within MMS (both sent and received) would be considered roaming data and would incur the daily roam charge. Were any of your incoming text messages MMS?


Hope this helps 😀