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Special offer on pixel 3xl

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

Hi, I've been a fido customer for over 8 years and my contract just recently ended in october. I've yet to sign a new one as I'm looking to see if bell can offer me the same plan I have right now. I love Fido's customer service(which in all honesty is why I've stayed with them so long) but bell has superior coverage. 


Today I read about a team offering free pixel 3 xl's to get customers back that have left? It's been on a few different reputable websites(I know everything you read online isn't true, but I did my research with these). 


My problem is(and I know, if this is my biggest problem in my life right now, I have it extremely easy!), I don't want to go to bell and then get an offer from fido for the free pixel xl, because in all honesty I'd take that deal in a second if it was offered. It just seems like a huge hassle to sign with bell and then switch back if it's offered. So can anybody tell me how often a deal like this is actually offered? If I've been here for over 8 years is there a better chance it will be offered to me? 


Any advice is extremely appreciated, I'm not good at navigating deals like this(which again, is why I've stayed with fido so long, they've made it easy for me, but the coverage is definitely becoming a problem). 


Thanks all! 


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @Lundar,


Welcome to the Community!


We definitely don't want to see you go after all those years!


The best way to see what's available to you is to contact directly the customer service Smiley You might also get offers when you upgrade your phone online, on top of avoiding the $35 transaction fee. Login onto your account and select the line, then click on "Upgrade My Device".


If you wish to discuss further your options with us, you will find how to contact us here. We can also send you a PM here; just let us know!