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So disappointing with Fido-Long term customer

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

As the long long term customer, I was offered by Fido with the $45 monthly plan plus $10 discount month ago.  After almost one month when I receive my bill yesterday,  i found Fido did not give me $10 discount,  I spent over 2 hours TODAY on the phone to talk to the representative and the supervisor,  but their attitude was really making me dissppointed,  they just keep telling me they are not able to offer the discount even they have promised month ago, because the system did not go through the discount.   I igned two year contract and ordered new phone just because the new plan,  now they just simply telling me I can not have the discount!!! I have to delete all the data on my new phone and send the phone back due to i am not satifistied with the no discount plan.  What the promise meaning to Fido? What 's the agreement meaning to Fido? What's the customer service meaning to Fido? It is all meaning nothing.  Fido can break the deal anytime without notice, I feel so disappointed and frustrating!!! 



Hey @cathychen2000,


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That is definitely not the kind of service we'd want to offer our customers and I can assure you that we'd be happy to look into it as well and see if we can turn your experience around. In cases like these, we would need to access your account to take a closer look at the details on file. With that said, I will be sending you a PM via the community.


We hope to talk to you soon! 😃


I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Same thing happened to me with an add a line offer ! I didnt get a phone though. Rep said she can't find any record of it