Silly Fido customer service

Silly Fido customer service

Silly Fido customer service

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Silly Fido customer service

Long story short, I tried to add a 4th line to my plan and get my daughter off Koodo and onto my Fido account. Found the iPhone 7 she wanted in the rose gold she wanted and when we go to get things setup the Walmart associate tells me Fido only approves you for 3 lines and I’d need to wait 2 days to hear back on approval. 


Well its been 5 days now and not a call, text or email from Fido. Guess they don’t want that $110 a month my kid was willing to pay for a minimum of 2 years? I’ve never been late one day in nearly 8yrs with Fido and it’s a tad frustrating tbh.


Oh and the real kicker, a day or 2 after refusal I get an email from Fido offering the woeful Samsung A5 for free on new line. So I guess a 4th line is okay as long as I get the Samsung my kid would never go for? 




Hey @Proac!


That's not the experience we want for you and we'd love to help! 


The credit results depend on account history and the amount of active lines. If you've been with us a long time we do sometimes have to send a request to see if the line can be approved and there can be delays of up to 48 hours.


As you mentioned the delays have passed, we'll look into your account to see what happened! We can even process everything for you right here and ship you the device Smiley


I'm sending you a PM to look into things. See you there!