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Show mobile number instead of my name

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



I know Fido has an option of displaying caller I'd instead of mobile numbers for all outgoing calls, this is some sought of privacy issue I don't want my name to be displayed to someone each time I call them. Is there a way to stop displaying my caller id and get my number displayed for all outgoing calls



Hey @balamuruganu,


Welcome to the community!


Whether your name or your number would show up on the receiving end of the call, that would depend on them and if they have called display and/or name display.


If they have call display; only your number will show.

If they have name display, your name display will show.


That said, you can change it for those outgoing calls. You can change your name display directly on when you log into your account. You can find the steps to do so right here.


I hope this helps! 😊