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Serious Billing Issue + Fido Employee Error

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hello Store Manager of Fido Upper Canada Mall. 

17600 Yonge St, Unit B13B, Newmarket, ON L3Y4Z1. 

1) Your Store employee made a serious mistake by not adding Add on - 1000 Long Distance Minutes when I completed my 2 Smart Phone upgrade. I was charged $308.60 in April Bill. 

2) I requested a Phone call last week + I have been calling Fido Customer Service and Your Store regularly to resolve this issue however I have not received a Phone call from you. 

3) Please check my previous bill before making the Upgrade I had the Add On service. 

4) Fido Store Manager Please call me when you are working next shift. 

5) Incase I don't get this Resolved I will be complaining to the Ombudsman of Telecom Services and how a Fido Employee error cost me $308 to a FrontLine Medical Professional. 

I am sure you don't want this negative publicity for a clear Fido Employee Error.

Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @Monika21 Smiley


Thanks for sharing your experience with us, we'd love to help out and go over what happened.


We're going to PM you so that we can review your account together. See you there!



I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Thank you very much for your reply. I have completed the form. I am waiting here from you soon.