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Scam SMS?

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1





I took screen shots of this. I received this text this morning and tapped the link and it showed the second photo. After a few seconds, it redirected me to a deposit screen. It looked legitimate, but I still don’t beleive it’s a real thing. Fido staff, please confirm if this is a real text from FIDO solutions or not. Also, please state how an “overcharge” would be applied to a customers account. Thank you. 


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Senior MVP

Hello Lemur0710,


Welcome to the community!


  Thanks for the information! That message is most definitely SPAM. The providers are doing all that they can to prevent SPAM SMS. You can help by forwarding these messages to 7726 (SPAM) (see here). Once audited, it will be used to augment the SPAM filter. Unfortunately, as fast as these messages get blocked by the SPAM filter, the spammers/scammers find new ways to bypass the filter.


  In the event you may have been overcharged, Fido will credit your account for the excess amount.


Hope this helps Smiley