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SMS Security

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

More of a rant than a question.


How can fido possibly justify in this day and age of account takeovers, Sim swapping and all the other nefarious things that cyber attackers are up to, sending an SMS message with an exclusive deal that is linked through a URL shortener to a page that asks me to enter my login information.


You've got to find a better way...


I get several of these smishing messages over the course of a week.  Usually for banks or deliveries, but many times it has been someone pretending to be fido.


And fido advertises in this fashion to help confuse their customers as to which are real and which are fake messages.







Hey @Scottchy! I hope you're doing well. 🙂


Thanks for your feedback! Rest assured that we take account security very seriously. You can consult the SMS short codes we use (50501, 89001, 93995, 70071) right here. Any SMS sent to you via these are secure, but if you have any concerns whatsoever, you can contact us here.


You can also find out how to protect yourself from fraud and spam right here.


I hope that helps!