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SIM Card swap/Account protection and MFA

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



I search my Fido account and cannot find SIM Swap / Account Takeover protection.  When will Fido offer this? 

All the major USA carriers offer this protection. 

My company's cyber security department just sent out a mandate that all phones must have SIM Swap/Account Protection enabled by April 14, due to this being a major issue. 

There was a recent article about a couple that lost their life savings due to this scam: 

‘A nightmare’: SIM card swap scam hits Toronto-area couple for more than $140,000 |

At the very least, an MFA method other than SMS must be offered, like an Authenticator app. 

Fido, this feature must be offered to protect all your customers. 




Thank you for your feedback @sunjammer !


As @Original_Lucy mentioned, we do offer 2FA for online accounts and have an authentication process and policies to follow when someone speaks to customer service in regards to their Fido account.


The safety and privacy of your account and your personal information is one of our top priorities, so your comments are certainly appreciated.  Smiley

Hi @sunjammer , I believe we have 2FA on Fido. I found this info regarding activation 

To enable or disable MFA, follow these steps:
  1. Select the Update MFA Settings button in your MyAccount Profile.
  2. Use the toggle On/Off button to enable or disable MFA.
  3. Click Save changes button to save the changes.
  4. To discard changes, click the X on top right corner.

I hope that's what you were looking for. You can do this from the app