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Roaming charge

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I regret using FIDO. They scam when it comes to data roaming, I was charged for data roaming on 3 lines that I have with them.

Before I traveled I asked someone from the store about roaming and was told I will not be charge roaming as long as my roaming is off , which I did throughout my trip. On getting my bill I was charge on my 2 daughter's line and also on my line making a total of over $100, I called the customer service and was told nothing can be done because it is a legitimate charge. What i don't understand is why is the information not commuicated to me so that i can make informed decision, the customer service guy said he can only reverse 1 charge out of the 3 accounts that i had i see that as being ridiculous. Just $15 credit out of over $100?

I wish their is place I can actually make formal complain :sleepy_face: . It's so painful to come back to this stress. 

Once my plan is over I am done with FIDO am sure they don't care but it's okay.































Hey @Abeey

Sorry to learn that there were some unexpected charges on your bill. We understand that's never a pleasant surprise.


To ensure that you're not charged for Fido Roam though, you'd need to avoid using the service entirely.


Therefore, if your data roaming is switched off but you do use calls or texts (including calls to voicemail), the Fido Roam daily fee is triggered. 
You can however continue to use Wi-Fi for free! 


All the information about Fido Roam can be found here.


If you still need assistance or have more questions, don't hesitate to reach out to customer service. Smiley 

We definitely don't want to see you go.