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Roaming Notification

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

I received a roaring notification e-mail that said one or more of users of my account recently registered to a roaming network. I never registered for a roaming network at all. In fact, I turned OFF my cellular network, cellular data, Bluetooth and personal hotspot on all my devices when we were in Toronto. We used the two old phones that I have called to unlock on May 10, 2019. Why did I get that roaming notification when I did not registered to that. Please do something about it as I am not paying for that services. Thank you.



Hello @Annie7-mtl


These notifications are sent as soon as your mobile device connects to a foreign network to let you know about the rates when you're outside of Canada. 

Unless there has been some usage, you really shouldn't be charged for anything even if you did receive that text.

To avoid any roaming fees, you have to make sure that your mobile/roaming data is turned off, to not send texts and to not make/receive phone calls.

You can also put your phone on airplane mode, turn off the device or remove the SIM.


Now, unless you're outside of Canada, you definitely shouldn't have received that text.

Can you let us know if it was referring to roaming outside of Canada or the Extended Coverage? 



I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

This is exactly what the e-mail said sent to all the three devices under my name.

Andresa Sombrero,
This email is to confirm that one or more users from your account recently registered on a roaming network.
The Roaming Welcome SMS sent to the user(s) along with the applicable roaming rates are included below:
Roaming Welcome SMS
Sent to: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Date and time: 2019-05-12 / 20:32:00
Hi, it's Fido: Welcome Abroad! You've got Fido Roam with your plan. So go ahead and use your data, talk and text from your plan in 100+ destinations for just $12/day (+ taxes). You will only be charged this daily fee up to a maximum of 15 days per billing cycle. Happy travels! Got questions or want to see where you can use Fido Roam? Check out or reply "MORE" (it's free). To talk to us or to stop these alerts, call +1-514-925-4590(also free)

Thanks for providing us the transcript of the email you received. 


I can confirm that that is the email notification that you receive when one of your devices has connected to a foreign mobile network.


This notification does not imply any usage has been performed on said network, just simply that one of your devices has connected to it. The notifications are sent on an informative basis. 


Have you or any of the other users on your account been travelling outside of Canada recently? 


I also notice that this was sent to you on the 12th. Have you already been billed for your usage from May 12th?


Let us know.