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Request for investigation and solution and was told no

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I have been a Fido customer for a long time and I called in to inquire why my bill is double the regular amount, which I do not have much history if at all for variation. The wait was excessive and when I finally got connected to a customer service personnel, I was advised that there was a long distance call. I do not have any record of that number in my call out nor do I know that number nor have I ever called that number. I asked how to dispute and investigate this because I did not make that call and asked how could this happen? Also I want to prevent it from happening again. I was told disputing or investigating,this isn't possible and no such thing! So, Fido is telling customers if your bill is $400, $600 for something your long time customers never did, the customers have to pay because Fido says so????!!!  This is how your customers are treated? Is there a reason for anyone to want and remain a customer of a company that will not believe their long time customers or pay any charges with no recourse at all?



Hey @Yourclient,


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We'll be happy to take a second look at your account. I've sent you a PM via the community.


Talk to you soon! 😃