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Reporting a number that is either fraud or just a toxic sales person

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I am sharing my experience with this number ******5656 and here is what happened:


Basically, this person called me in the morning saying that this is a promotional call from Fido (Indian accent), one moment while he was reading the promotional words he started to laugh so hard and he said "one moment" and then he hang up the phone. I feel like he is maybe just an unprofessional sales person making phone calls while joking with friends or colleagues. However, I send him a text asking what is this about and then called him. The voice is the same, but he denied that he called me and said I am a scammer. He even searched my phone number and shared the screenshot of the business page that is associated with my business to threaten me. But I don't give a dam. I think this should bring to Fido's attention because this kind of person is so toxic and hurting the community, However, if he is not actually from fido, then he must be a fraud, as well peop

1.jpg2.png3.jpg4.jpgle should be aware. 


The screenshot is the facts, and the unsent message is the screenshot of my business he used to threaten me but he unsent it because I said he just get it to a crime level.



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Senior MVP

Hello TangChanada,


  Welcome to the community!


  Thanks for the information! From what you have provided, I don't think the call was from Fido. I think it is more likely a SCAM call or pranksters. I understand the number provided has now been hidden for privacy concerns, however, the number appeared to be a Telus Mobility number (see here). If Fido were to contact you for promotional purposes, it would usually come from one of their outbound contact numbers.


  Unfortunately, there isn't much which can be done about those types of calls. Personally, I don't answer or return calls from numbers I do not know. If the calls are legitimate, they will usually leave a message with sufficient information to determine its legitimacy. If there is a message for which authenticity might be in question, it is usually better to contact the company directly (in this case Fido) to query the call rather than returning the call using the number provided in the CallerID.


  If you are repeatedly harassed by that number or are indeed threatened, you might consider reporting the number to law enforcement.


Hope this helps 😀